SIPs Panel Garage Package

R-Control SIPs - A Building Material for the 21st Century

Versatile, strong, inexpensive and energy efficient, these engineered marvels are custom manufactured to your specifications, and are ideal for a wide variety of building projects. Structured insulated panels give you unprecedented control at every phase and juncture of your project from design through implementation.  

R-Control SIPs equal control without compromise.

Take control of your building project with a structural system made from this Foam-Control® EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation. R-Control SIPs are laminated between sheets of structural sheathing, forming an incredibly strong, bonded panel structure that can be used for floors, walls, as well as roofs  Each R-Control SIP is custom made to your drawings and specifications, giving you unlimited design possibilities for both residential and commercial applications.
R-Control SIPs

Do R-Control SIPs really work better than stick frame construction?  Stick frame has been the widely preferred method for so long; it’s no surprise people would wonder if R-Control SIPs could work better. But R=Controls have a strong thirty year track record showing superior performance, mostly due to the fact that the uncompromising control they provide architects, designers and builders on any projects.     
Some of the demonstrated advantages of using R-Control SIPs include:

  • Adaptable to any type of structure with unlimited design options
  • Can better stand up to natural forces like wind, snow and earthquakes
  • Superior insulating capabilities leading to greater energy efficiency
  • Installs in half the time of stick framing
  • Saves money on labor costs.
  • Minimizes job site theft and waste
  • No surprises on the job site
  • Includes Perform Guard® termite protection
  • Warranted Against Manufacturers Defects

R-Control SIPs drive energy costs lower

R-Control SIPs a superior insulator for exterior walls, as well as roofs floors and ceilings. R-Control SIPs block out moisture and wind. This solid construction system provides optimum comfort for temperature, tamps down noise and dust. Designer using R-Control SIPs downsize their HVAC systems for an additional and significant energy savings.

Builders Save Time and Money

A study conducted by the authoritative RS Means (Reed Construction Data) demonstrates how structured insulated panes (SIPs) reduce the need for framing labor by up to 55 percent compared with traditional “stick building” construction.

Engineers from RS Means observed the building of a two-story three bedroom Cape in Tilton, NH then compared overall productivity in the construction phase with another built using 2 by 6 construction and fiberglass insulation. 

RS Means noted many time-consuming steps that were eliminated by the use of SIPs and calculated that a total of 130 hours were saved in the framing of the exterior walls and roof.

SIPs are made from a rigid foam insulating core sandwiched between wooden skins. This seamless core reduces air leakage and heat loss by providing a continuous span of insulating material.  Great for walls, floors, roofs, even foundations, SIPs combine the tasks of air sealing, and insulating as well as a primary structural role all in a single sturdy energy saving unit.

Day 1.
All sill plates installed and both gables erected and braced off

Day 2 & 3.
All wall panels installed and ridge beam set.

Day 4.
All roof panels installed, garage ready for roofing, siding and windows.

Finished garage with a R-Value of 25 wall and roof panel system.

** Options: Basic garage can be adapted to have second floor, this is ideal for an office or workshop.

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