Product Reviews

Wood Screws and Metal Fastener's


R-Control Wood Screws are used to attach R-Control SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) and R-Control SpecLam to wood structural members and substrates. The R-Control Wood Screw is strong and costs less than other systems using screws and stress plates or spikes.

R-Control Metal Fasteners are used to attach R-Control SIPs and R-Control SpecLam to metal structural members and substrates. R-Control Heavy Duty Metal Fasteners can self drill into 3/16" steel without pilot hole predrilling. Installation is direct and fast - no wood nailers needed.

  • Significant savings over "screw and plate" systems
  • Stronger than spikes or nails
  • One step for easy installation
  • 6 Lobe drive head for less shipping
  • Sits tight to the R-Control SIP or Speclam surface
  • Coated for Corrosion Resistance
  • Available in length from 3" - 18"
  • Self drilling into steel
  • No wood nailers needed
  • One step for fast installation
  • 6 Lobe drive head for less stripping
  • Superior wind up lift strength
  • Available in lengths from 6" - 13 ¾

Wood Screw -

Head Style .............. Pancake head with internal 6 lobe drive Head Diameter ........ 0.625"
Drive Style ............... T-30, 6 lobe Thread Diameter ..... 0.255" Shank Diameter ...... 0.190"
Point Style .............. Thread Point
Screw lengths vary r-- 2.750

Metal Fastener - Light Duty
R-Control also supplies a light duty metal fastener. R-Control Light Duty Metal Fasteners are used to attach R-Control SIPs and R-control SpecLam to light duty (up to 18 gauge) metal substrates.

Wood Screws and/or Metal Fasteners as shown on plans and in specifications shall be supplied by R-Control Building Systems.

Use R-Control Wood Screw and/or Metal Fasteners per R-Control Building Systems recommended installation guidelines. Refer to R-Control Construction Detail Book, Load Design Charts, and Technical Bulletins showing proper design and applications.

R-Control Building Systems is North America's largest provider of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation Products and Systems with licensed facilities located throughout North America and the world. Please contact you rR-Control Building Systems supplier for design consultation, availability and pricing.

SIP Tape

R-Control SIP Tape
is a pressure-sensitive vulcanized butyl rubber adhesive laminated to a polyolefin carrier membrane.

Warm, moist interior air escaping into SIP roof panels can become trapped and condense when it comes into contact with cold exterior air. Sealingthe interiorjoints of wall to roof panels, as well as roof panel to roof panel, will reduce the potential for moisture collection.

R-Control SIP Tape, with its unique vulcanized butyl rubber adhesive is well¬suited as an interiorseam sealantforSIP construction. R-Control SIP Tape prevents moist air from penetrating the seams between panels and along roof lines.


  • High peel and shear strength • Self-healing
  • VOC free
  • No odors or fumes; meets air quality criteria for use as an interior sealant
  • Applies in extreme weather - down to -15°F (-26°C)
  • Smooth, even film assures a correct application of sealant every time
  • Quick and easy installation - no priming required

Application Recommendations
Tape application at panel joints should be in accordance with R-Control SIP Construction Details.

Surface Preparation
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of saw dust, dirt, grease, oil and any other contaminants that may interfere with adhesion. Any panel damage must be repaired prior to installing tape.

Position tape so that it is centered over panel joint. While unrolling tape along center line of detail, remove release paper at a 45' angle and continue to press tape into place. To ensure a tight seal and minimize air bubbles and wrinkles, tape should be pressed into OSB at the center, working outward with a smoothing motion to the edges.

Overlaps (Tjoints) - Wall to roof or ridge to roof tape should be installed before ceiling panel joints are taped. Intersections of ceiling panel tape with tape at the roof or wall should be detailed so that the ceiling panel tape overlaps by a minimum of 3". Roll overlaps firmly and carefully to assure an airtight seal.

End of Roll - When the end of a roll is encountered, the new roll should be started by overlapping at least 3" of previously installed tape. Roll overlaps firmly and carefully to assure an airtight seal.

Safety, Storage and Handling
When R-Control SIP Tape is stored indoors, out of direct sunlight, and in its original, unopened container between 60°F and 80°F (15°C and 26°C), the shelf life is 12 months. Please review MSDS for product handling procedures.

Standard Widths:
4", 6", 9" & 12" (100' Rolls)
18" (50' Rolls)