Foam Control™ EPS with Perform Guard®

Prevent damage to your insulation and preserve your structural integrity and R-value.

Foam-Control EPS with Perform Guard is a termite resistant expanded polystyrene insulation for all types of construction. It is used in Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Perimeter and Under-slab Foundation Insulation, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), Geofoam, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), and other EPS Building Products and Systems.

  • Meets code requirements for ground contact use
  • Resistant to termite damage
  • Incorporates EPA registered borate
  • Safe for handling and noncorrosive
Insulation helps keep people comfortable. Unfortunately, insulations are susceptible to termite infestation.

Foam-Control EPS with Perform Guard is an important component in preventing this problem. Its made by a patented process using a borate mineral that is a natural deterrent to termites. This mineral is incorporated into the insulation during the manufacturing process. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for this application. Foam-Control EPS with Perform Guard has been thoroughly tested, is safe for handling, and noncorrosive. And termites hate it.

Proven to meet, or exceed, building codes.

Foam-Control EPS is manufactured to Quality Control Program standards monitored by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and recognized by national building codes. Foam-Control EPS manufactures offer product warranties that ensure thermal performance, physical properties, and termite resistance. Foam-Control EPS with Perform Guard has been evaluated for below grade use by the ICC ES ESR-1006. Foam-Control EPS can stand up to all industry tests and has. No other EPS can say that.