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Panelize Your Building Project with R-Control SIPs

Control is crucial in building. When you build with R-Control Structural Insulated Panels, you are in control of your project. Compared to labor-intensive, inefficient stick-framed building techniques, Branch River SIP panels are simply a better product. No matter what phase of home or commercial building you’re involved in, R-Control SIPs allow you to manage your end of the project.

SIPs R Control Building Panels


Control Your Design

Arhcitects Control Your Design with Custom SIPs Panels from Branch River Plastics Inc.

For a structure to reach its full potential, you can’t be held back by the limits of building materials. Custom building panels from Branch River offer architects complete freedom of design.

Our expert fabricators cut panels to your specifications to accommodate your vision. R-Control Structural Insulated Panels are produced for superior strength and strict compliance with building and fire codes across the US to make your life easier.

Download Full Architectural E-Binder PDF (16mb)


Control Your Build

Contractors Control Your Build with Custom SIPs Panels from Branch River Plastics Inc.

Stick-framing a home or commercial structure is a headache for any builder. Job site stress gives way to convenience when building with R-Control SIP floor, roof and wall panels:

•  SIP construction is 50% faster than
   stick-frames, saving you on labor

•  R-Control SIPs panels are precision
   cut to seamlessly match your blueprints,
   reducing project downtime and waste

•  R-Control SIP panels can be cut for
   structure functionality, standard chases
   to accommodate electrical wiring

Simply put, when SIPs go up, your building costs go down.


Control Your Costs

Property Owners Control Your Costs with Custom SIPs Panels from Branch River Plastics Inc.

R-Control SIPs will cut future costs up to half with 40-50% savings on your annual heating and cooling bill. Your SIP house or business will remain consistently comfortable:

•  Block out summer heat waves or
   below zero temperatures
   of winter

•  Structural insulated panels are
   weather-resistant; rain, snow
   and wind

•  Excellent insulation provides
   noise control

•  Dust and ventilation control

•  Mold, mildew and termite-proof
   (Perform Guard)

Download more information about R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
R-Control SIPs: Green for All the Right Reasons

The Proven Technology of Branch River R-Control SIPs

More than 60 years after their creation, SIPs building panels are still being built into homes and commercial structures across the world. At Branch River Foam, we are experts in this exceptional product. We manufacture, cut and customize R-Control SIP panels right in our Rhode Island plant. We have worked with uniformly produced R-Control SIPs for more than 30 years. Call Branch River today to panelize your project!

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