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Get More from Your Garage, Workshop or Outbuilding

Wooden frames and steel buildings give garages and other unattached structures a bad name, reducing them to cold, sterile rooms you’d rather avoid. Realize the full potential of this space with an R-Control SIPs garage, workshop or outbuilding from Branch River. R-Control Structural Insulated Panels give you a premium insulated work or storage space at a price competitive to traditional wooden frames.

RControl SIPs garage construction will produce an insulated space perfect for comfortable year round use. You can choose from ready-to-build structures or fully-customized garage packages. Energy savings, noise reduction, and ease of construction are just the beginning of the benefits of SIPs garages & workshops.

Insulated Garage Workshop Outbuilding SIPs

Branch River can custom design and deliver insulated garages for residential or commercial use throughout New England (ME, VT, NH, MA, CT and RI)

Insulated Garages are the
perfect solution for...

Insulated Commercial Workspace Storage RI

Secure Your Commercial Business

Your equipment and vehicles are your company... don’t trust it to just any shop or storage space. A SIPs insulated workshop gives you comfortable conditions for your work day and secure storage for your gear after you clock out.

•  Landscapers
•  Construction Building Contractors
•  Electricians & Plumbers
•  Machine / Mechanical Shops

Insulated Creative Artist Space SIPs

Close to Home Creative Space

Creative inspiration comes and goes; don’t lose it during a commute. Your own insulated workspace or studio is a few short steps away from home with a SIPs workshop.

•  Woodshop
•  Fine Artists and Sculptors
•  Musicians & Dancers
•  Photographers
•  Crafters and Hobbyists

Insulated Home Yard Storage

Versatile Home Storage

Temperature sensitivity, invasive outside elements and other factors determine what you box up and stack in your garage. From heavy-duty tools to prized family items, a SIPs insulated garage or outbuilding provides weather-tight storage for all of your property. SIPs panels are cut to any size and dimension, meaning we can panelize most any enclosed structure you can think of!

•  Sheds
•  Outbuildings
•  Pool Houses
•  Barns & Animal Shelters
•  Seasonal Storage

Insulated Garages New England

The Proven Technology of Branch River R-Control SIPs

More than 60 years after their creation, SIPs building panels are still being built into homes and commercial structures across the world. At Branch River Foam, we are experts in this exceptional product. We manufacture, cut and customize R-Control SIP panels right in our Rhode Island plant. We have worked with uniformly produced R-Control SIPs for more than 30 years. Call Branch River today to panelize your project!

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