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Build with Confidence Using Foam-Control GeoFoam

Commercial and residential construction is loaded with question marks. Will the labor and material costs come in on budget? Can I trust traditional foundation fills? EPS GeoFoam blocks from Branch River take the guesswork out of your build.

Foam-Control GeoFoam

Engineered for a Lifetime

When designing or engineering a construction project, your plans should provide a smooth build and worry-free results. GeoFoam blocks from Branch River will meet your project’s building codes. This lightweight infill also provides greater longevity for your design and engineering project.

•  More stable than traditional fills without the issue of settlement
•  Compliance with building code ASTM D6817
•  Customized per project leading to less onsite waste

Better Product, Quicker Install

Time and money are limited, crucial resources in any construction project. Save on both and simplify this phase of your build with GeoFoam blocks from Branch River.

Foam Control GeoFoam is laid down faster than traditional fill, saving you on labor costs, land the impact of disruptive weather. And with sustainable Foam Control Geofoam you will not contaminate the jobsite or soil.

All building experts can enjoy the convenience of GeoFoam:

•  General Contractors
•  Site Contractors

•  Excavation Crews
•  Concrete Form Companies

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Build your project on a foundation of savings and strength with Foam-Control GeoFoam blocks from Branch River Plastics!

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