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Branch River EPS for Perimeter / Underslab, Nailbase and more

Branch River EPS

The leading products for construction, geotechnical, industrial and packaging applications

Branch River EPS is a lightweight yet strong material that gives architects, designers and builders the freedom and confidence to turn their visions into reality. Branch River EPS insulation products are available in a range of densities necessary to provide energy efficiency, structural integrity, and cost effectiveness.

EPS Foam Control
Branch River EPS Perimeter / Underslab

Branch River EPS Perimeter/Underslab

Superior moisture resistance, stable R-Value, and termite resistance to protect your insulation integrity

A cost-effective, durable, and energy efficient solution for below grade insulation applications. It is an ideal material to stop energy loss at the foundation or slab.

Download PDF about Branch River EPS Perimeter / Underslab

Download more info about EPS Perimeter/Underslab

Branch River EPS Nailbase

Branch River EPS Nailbase

An easy to use one step insulation and nailable surface

Branch River Nailbase consists of Exposure I rated Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and UL Classified Foam Control EPS rigid insulation. It is an ideal insulation and nailable surface for structural roof decks and walls. Stability and traffic resistance make Foam-Control Nailbase perfect for both residential/ commercial roof decks and walls.

Download more info about EPS Nailbase in a PDF

Download more info about EPS Nailbase

EPS Protective Packaging Foam

Peace of Mind Packaging Solutions

Accidents happen and damaged items cost you and your customers. Shipments endure a long process from production to your customer’s door. Branch River packaging foam is engineered to protect against hazards encountered by every order.

Foam-Control EPS is lightweight, saving you money on fuel and shipping costs while providing insulation for temperature-sensitive items. Branch River’s expert technicians custom cut Foam-Control EPS to support manufacturers, wholesalers, retails, pharmaceutical companies, moving and storage and a whole lot more.

Download a PDF about Branch River EPS Packaging Solutions

Download more info about Branch River EPS Packaging Solutions

Precision Cut Architectural Foam Shapes

Precision-Cut Architectural Shapes
and Designs

Great design requires extensive detail, and Branch River’s meticulous production brings your plans to life. Branch River uses CAD Design and computerized fabrication to ensure your design specifications are followed and your desired result is realized.

Branch River architectural and design shapes are highly-compatible with exterior finish coatings, giving you attractive and functional results for residential and commercial construction and interior design projects.

Download PDF info about Branch River EPS Architectural Shapes

Download more info about Branch River EPS Architectural Shapes
Download more info about Branch River EPS Display Shapes

Foam Stock Custom Foam Shapes

Foam Stock at Your Convenience

Made-to-order foam stock solutions are available from Branch River at your convenience. Our skilled manufacturing technicians produce a large selection of foam shapes and sizes.

You’ll find round stock for insulation plugs, bar and flat stock sheets for shipping or any other shape for your needs. All of these products are on site at Branch River’s Smithfield plant, ready for pick up or delivery.

Foam Control EPS

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