Perform Guard EPS Geofoam is used in ground fill applications where a lightweight fill material is required to reduce stresses on underlying soils. It has been used in applications worldwide for over 30 years. Perform Guard EPS Geofoam is a cellular plastic material that is strong but has a very low density - 1% of traditional earth materials. It is produced in block form and is easily positioned at the work site. Perform Guard EPS Geofoam is unaffected by normally occurring weather at the time of installation and will retain its physical properties under engineered conditions of use.

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Traditional earth materials are heavy and can cause settlement or instability of underlying soils. Other fill materials such as foamed concrete, waste tires, soil, wood chips, wood fiber, etc., have higher densities, are variable in their makeup and are not engineered, due to field execution variables. They also have limitations in handling and can be weather sensitive, thus requiring staged construction and/or preloading, surcharging and draining, etc.

Job Site Efficiency
Geofoam maximizes onsite installation efficiency. Material can arrive at the job site prefabricated and ready to place. It is easily inventoried and handled. Installation is not delayed by weather.

Product Features

  • Super Lightweight Fill - 1 lb. per cu. ft.
  • High Strength to Density Ratio
  • Predictable Material Behavior
  • Manufactured to ASTM Standards
  • Termite Resistant Perform Guard EPS*
  • Various Large Block Sizes
  • No Leachates
  • Inert in Long Term Burial Conditions
  • Volume Stability
  • Easily Shaped in Field and Plant
  • Available Throughout North America

Common Geofoam Applications

Perform EPS Geofoam is commonly used in the following applications. Other engineered applications may also be appropriate.

Transportation Earth Works

  • Embankments
  • Side-hill fill
  • Approach fill (bridge abutments)
  • General fill (roadways, parking, etc.)
  • Median and sound barriers
  • Architectural
  • Landscape (see Picture Below - 2700 Cubic Yard project recently completed in Nyack NY) 



  • Landscape
  • Plaza decks
  • Bermed structures


  • Structural fill (foundations, etc.)
  • Earth retaining structures
  • General Earth Works
  • Flood control levees
  • Dikes/Berms
  • Specifications


Perform Guard EPS Ground Stabilization Blocks will be provided in ASTM type, size and thickness as shown in design drawings and specifications, and as approved in manufacturer's shop drawings. Selection of appropriate density material should be determined by the project engineer. Please refer to R-Control Building Systems Spec Data for our complete specifications and guidelines.

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