Fast Form Foundations

Answering today's construction and energy conservation requirements, a product developed to save energy - time - money.

The Product:

A highly engineered expanded polystyrene form used for the on-site pouring of concrete walls and slabs monolithically. The form remains in place after the pour is complete and becomes an integral part of the structure it helps to support.

The design of Fast Form is not aesthetic. It has been designed from numerous engineering calculations, full-scale models made, inground pours completed and buildings erected upon those designed forms. In short - an engineered proven product.


Because fast form stays in the ground, the savings start the minute the installation begins. Trench widths are dug only 18"-24" in width as compared to 4' for wood forms. The backhoe comes once, the form is set and then backfilled. No form stripping is required.

The concrete truck comes once as well and no additional foundation insulation is required. Combine all this with 40% savings in concrete when compared to a standard 8" wall and it's evident that Fast Form saves money.

More Advantages:

  • Fast Form enables the concrete to cure under ideal conditions by retaining the water and heat of hydration.

  • Fast Form insulates against cold to facilitate winter pouring.

  • Fast Form eliminates the heat loss through uninsulated slab edges.

  • Fast Form comes with prefabricated corners and dovetail connections for ease of installation.

  • Fast Forms are lightweight. An 8' long section, 4' high, weighs less than 25 pounds.

Certainly Fast Form does not answer every foundation consideration. Fast Forms must be handled somewhat more gently than wood forms ever were handled, but for all the disadvantages there may be, there are more offsetting advantages.

Strange shape to your foundation? Slab-on-grade in some areas but not all? Need a curved section? Perhaps we can help! Send us your plans. Tell us your problems. If Fast Form fills your needs, we'll tell you. If it doesn't, we'll tell you that too!

Recommended for additions, garages, sunspaces and other slab-on-grade construction applications, residential and commercial.