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R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

The R-Control Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) is a strong one-piece structural system, which provides superior insulation in exterior walls, roofs/ceilings, and floors. Engineered wood facings and solid EPS insulation are laminated to create a structural component with exceptional strength. The R-Control SIP is used in residential and commercial construction. Specify R-Control SIPs for your next project.

R-Control Panels have features and benefits that can result in one of the best homes or commercial buildings you can construct. The panels have exceptional strength to resist typical loads caused by winds, snow, and seismic activity. They are "closed cavity" designed so they block wind and moisture movement, important for achieving energy efficient design. The rigid core of R-Control is made of R-value stable EPS that is also environmentally sound.

R-Control panels provide optimum comfort for temperature, noise, and dust control. Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems are more effectively designed when R-Control is used. The panels are made with a safe, insect resistant mineral that protects the building from wood-destroying insects, offering comfort for the occupants.

R-Control is a cost-effective building system when optimum strength, comfort performance, and energy efficiency are demanded by the building owner, designer, and builder.

Environmentally Best--R-Control EPS Insulation

  • Contains no CFC's, HCFC's, or HFC's
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • No R-value drift
  • Can be recycled
  • Inert, non-nutritive, highly stable

R-Control SIPs, made with regenerable wood skins and recyclable cores, are one of the most environmentally responsible building products available. They reduce pollution by providing high energy performance, in addition to offering a comfortable environment.

Controlled Factory Construction
Pressure laminating is done under carefully controlled conditions. Quality control tests are made on a daily lot basis to insure consistent quality. Panels are factory made to exacting standards of the R-Control Building Systems Quality Control Program monitored by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.™ and recognized by national code and regulatory bodies.

Build Faster. Build With More Control
Panels are available in 4' x 8' sizes to 8' x 24'. Standard panels come in the following thicknesses and R-values:

Non-Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

A. The Classic Stress Skin Panel:
Designed to eliminate conventional stud wall framing, the classic adds energy efficiency, and ease of installation to your project. With an exterior of OSB, a Perform Guard EPS core it enhances the interior aesthetics to Post & Beam construction. Standard Gypsum interior – other options available

B. Insul-Base:
Here is a real money saver– We combine a Perform Guard EPS core with a nailable surface of OSB or plywood,and a vapor barrier of reinforced aluminum foil. Highly energy efficient and quick to install, Insul-Base eliminates the costly installation of three separate layers.

C. Plus 25:
An interior backer board increases the strength of the classic Stress-Skin Panel, and provides nailable surface under the Gypsum face. Hang cabinets, nail wainscotting, baseboards, and chair rails. Fasten electrical boxes with screws, not clips. Available in a variety of thickness from R-14 to R-45.

D. Air-Flo:
Developed in 1986, the Air-Flo Stress-Skin Panel has been used in homes, churches, and institutional buildings answering the need to eliminate costly ventilation headaches associated with cathedral ceilings, and exposed deck construction. With its unique Perform Guard EPS core, Air-Flo is availabel in Stressskin, Insul-Base, Structural, and Structural Stress-Skin. We invite your inquiry on this unique panel.

E. Wood faced SIPS:
Using our Premier Construction Panel – R-Control, we mechanically attach tongue and groove Pine, Fir, Cedar boards, or a variety of interior plywood to the interior face of the panel. Used primarily with timber construction, this adds another dimension to SIPS – A completely finished interior.

Specialty Laminations:
With our capabilities, we are often called upon to laminate a variety of products. Branch River laminates, wood, Formica, fiberglass, metals, foils to other substances.

Frequently Asked Questions About SIPS